Soundtrack of My Life

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The Moon

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Dear Moon,

Why can’t I sleep tonight?

It is like the first night I saw you,

In the wilderness, alone, under the  starry night,

You came and kept me company,

We shared stories and glories,

Even as dawn came, you still stood by me.


It has been months since I’ve seen your face,

I have not slept nor rest with knowing your safe,

Not the same without you in this cold night,

All I could do now is look at the stars,

and only wonder if you will ever come back,

I miss you old friend.



James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver)

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As he puts a ring on her finger with her beaming smile, he asked her. “I just have one more thing I need to do later at home.” She nods her head in approval and hugs him after.

A little girl lying down on the sofa watching TV as a car light slowly brush across her face. The couple walks in and the little girl greeted them with a hug. The man picked her up and told her “Hey Mindy, I have something to tell you.”. He carries her and sits her down on the couch while the woman stands across to observe this scene. He kneels down to her level and mentioned “So, she said yes.” while the little girl excited about the outcome.

He smiles at her and says. “But we’re missing something.” as he reaches in his pocket for a small ring with its case. “Would you Mindy, be my daughter for the rest of our lives?” with Mindy’s face blushes as she looks to her mother’s smiling gesture. She smiles back at him and says “Yes.”. He slips on the ring to her little fingers and hugs him in delight as the mother joins in the moment.

Thank you

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This was my speech on the last day of class before we graduated from Pinewoods/Imagica.

“What can I say about Suzy Chambre’ Sternlicht?
Apart from being the voice of reason to Mark and James, she’s our mentor in the world of editing. She is also our friend that we share our jokes and stories with. I don’t know about you guys but she is our home away from home and as well as our foster mother. When she took care of Neesha when she was sick, brought us treats for us even during day one and celebrating Sally birthday was the icing on a wonderful 2 months baked cake.

Suzy taught us a lot but it’s not only Suzy that I learn from. We managed to learn from each other like how Neesha sees how the beautiful the world is, how small little Chien Yee wants to devour the earth instead. How Syuqri ignite the fire in my competitive streak and how Prem and I can agree to disagree on how mad max is the same movie as lord of the rings. Mostly Saidi, the event organiser and the one that created our very own website, where I see that we will still keep in touch with each other. Thank you each and every one of you.

We have grown together so much for the past 2 months that we’ve became more than friends, we became family. And from seeing everyone’s work with the documentary and more you all have developed to become full fledge editors. I hope that we don’t just hang out but work together soon. ”

All of you are the best. Keep doing what you’re doing and sooner or later your dreams will come true.


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Let’s backtrack for a second. Where was I 5 years ago? What did I want to become 5 years ago? Did I achieve what I wanted?

I guess I did better than what I expect it to be. The oldest friend I had mention that he admires my resilience in my art cause no one dares to do what I do. I wanted to direct and still want to. I could say that I’m ready to direct as most are invested with my ideas, the vision I made. 5 years ago all I could wish for is to make something of myself. Wether it’s someones lover, an icon, a friend, or a family man. But I became something I never thought existed. I was still myself. Not a sheep and gave up to normalities of life. No longer shy and afraid of the darkness of the road. I became an individual who can speak his mind and fight for what I think is right.

Staying true to yourself isn’t that hard but to prove to people that you are good enough to make it is the real cherry on top.


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He woke up from a dream of his past. He knows he won’t get that back no matter how he tries to do it. As he stares at the ceiling and waiting for a solution, he finds out that some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved. He gets up and starts his car. He drove off not looking back and wanders on to find his sanctuary. He knows that paradise exist. But not there, not where he is from. Solace is where his heart and soul takes him and till heaven comes, he wanders for his next wonders.