Marvel’s Avengers Assemble


Ok. Marvel fan boy alert.

Why in blue hell you change this from Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes? Yes AEMH wasn’t that great, but to this crap? I pushed myself to watch it. I hated the artwork, I hate the puns and dialogue, and I hated the fact that they get brained washed easily. It’s like they don’t have other concepts or storyline to go with. first 5 episodes they get brained wash or fighting themselves like 3 times. One was with Modok’s technology to mind-control, the other was the body swapping by the Space Phantoms, and lastly Black Widow became a vampire to serve Dracula. DRACULA! With a million other villans they picked DRACULA! on the first few episode, let alone the first season! I slept off with the villain selection they made. Trust me as an editor who is used to sleep like 4 to 5 hours a day, when i sleep from a movie or tv show is
when the story gets heavy or i am too tired to care. bravo on Modok and Doc Doom but i’m not impressed with Space Phantoms, Ulik, the Serpent and FRIGGIN DRACULA!

I hate cartoons when they don’t have a solid continuity in their storyline(yeah yeah. it might get better), but to just make a TV show based from the movies is not a wise move.On the first episode they dropped the ball when Iron Man said that the group had a divorce, and from there I don’t see the story could progress any further than having trust issues with each other. Just for the movie fans or kids to watch at least AEMH had the Guardian of the Galaxy to promote for the future movie (which i’m psyched).

This is utter garbage to where AEMH left. AEMH had a good line up for their cast. Wasp, Antman, Black Panther, Vision, Ms. Marvel are added(minus Black Widow) to the show to give fans variety and soul. When i said soul i meant Wasp and Antman. I was never an Antman fan growing up. Lame character. Lame powers. But AEMH changed all that. Antman was a man of science and would push away Wasp for his work and Wasp played the heart of the team or as we say it damsel in distress. It made me all happy and warm knowing that Antman was turning to a movie. They got the origins right with the founding members of the Avengers.  AA had the movie cast. dull yeah. The Avengers from the movies were all there plus Captain America’s Sidekick, Falcon. Why introduce a character to the world when he is gonna be in a movie? You do know that the origins and characteristics are gonna change, right? Why can’t you put in characters that are hard to do CG in the movie. Maybe that would help.

With Marvel going towards a direction no one understands. DC has been dominating the animation department (yes i called DC animation and Marvel cartoons for  a reason), which puts Marvel off the radar again after the hard work from shows like The Spectacular Spider-man and Wolverine and The X-Men. Marvel don’t seem to put enough effort in the story content for it’s tv shows. Please Marvel make the next one good.


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