Mortal Kombat Legacy Season II

Mortal Kombat has been a dear brother to me since I was young  and I think it’s the only thing I remembered having quality time with my brother. The endless argument of who was the better character, Scorpion or Subzero (I was defending for Subzero). Having to settle the argument with putting a controller in hand on our Sega Genesis. But now there is this ambitious interpretation of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Could it still win the hearts of our 12 year old hearts? Yes, it can withstands the test of time. The first season and also the short by Kevin Tancharoen was loved by many and with a MK film on the way, how does one follow up to the previous season and tease for the movie? Making this!

Character stylization was meant to have a “real feel” towards it. But i felt this was not as good as the first one. Kenshi and Ermac’s character is not complementing the other characters and Subzero’s costume is down right disappointing. What happened to season one’s costume? Having to lose Subzero and Scorpion talking in Japanese is also a minus to me. I like to know that these people are from some other parts then America. Apart from this 4 characters, i was really looking forward to see Sonya, Jaxx and Kano from season I in this but i guess you can’t have everyone in the mix. But the on the light sight of the webseries, Liu Kang is a bad ass. A formula for success in the internet, as we hate a clean cut goody goody hero. Why not surprise people with the turn of the main character as the main villain. His solid backstory to why he turned out that way, his modern look, his bad-ass-dom. I really want him to turn against Shang Tsung in the future if it ever happens, but it will surprise me more if he doesn’t. and all the other character is also in need of loving in this show. Johnny Cage is always the character that we won’t pick in the game, but we love the idea of him being a Nicolas Cage/Jean Claude Van Dam spoof. and of course having Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Shang Tsung from the first Mortal Kombat (1995) reprising his role. Please Kevin Tancharoen, let him say “You’re soul is mine” one more time in season 3.

The story is not a confusing as it looks if you watch the previous season.  Scorpion and Subzero has also a good twist in the series. Instead of having young Subzero being the good one and the elder Subzero the opposite, let Bi-Han be noble and Kuai Ling the potential Noob Saibot. While we all know that Subzero will always be better than Scorpion (fanboy alert), to end their battle with Scorpion ripping out Subzero’s head and spine out for a fatality is down right awesome and twisted as it’s originally Subzero’s move in the video game. Apart from that, the Liu Kang back story and moving forward to the tournament is also good story. He just lost everything, right down to his humanity. He can’t tell what is right nor wrong anymore and this will push forward to the next season. But as how i see it, Liu Kang has no where to turn back to. To know all the back story are strong and solid, the tournament itself is such a disappointment. If you think properly, the people who are left is Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Scorpion,Kenshi, Stryker and Johnny Cage. How do you move forward from this? The good guys have 5, if you count Kitana as one of them and the bad guys only has 2 left which includes Liu Kang, who is the main hero in the franchise. Unless if Outworld plays dirty and bring in back up, then this show is really not thinking far.

I’m sitting on the fence for this series but this is a great tie-in for the franchise as it has a one up against other video game title franchises. Beat that Street Fighter.


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