Joharizm Journeys Day 1

I decided to pack my bags and move in the early morning to find peace, calmness, and happiness. It was just me, my bags, my camera and my car. It was off to a great start.

First destination was Bukit Malawati. Drove up a small hill to an exciting view and senior citizen having their morning excersize. I couldn’t help but to join them. There was smiles on their faces after the gentle work out to see a stranger just joining them. After that I started taking pictures of the site. The mesmerizing lighthouse above, the secenery and the pack of monkeys that is so used to humans being around them.

As soon as I’m done with the view I set off again. Drove past old structures, boat houses and green paddy fields. Stopped at the side for photographs and head on straight to Marina Island. I plan to capture it tomorrow cause I was dead tired from the drive and so I took an hour nap in my car.

I woke up all sweaty cause of the blistering sun. I was planning to just hit Pangkor and head back by the evening and stay somewhere on the main land. But just incase I packed my bags lightly and head to the boat. Once I reached the island I told the taxi driver to drop me off at Nipah Bay Villa. Once dropped, I just asked the rates of the place to my surprise it’s really cheap and I could bargain it to be cheaper. So I’ll stay here for the night. As soon as I put my bags I head straight to the beach. This is my sanctuary and calmness. The sand and the sea is my playground. And I don’t want to worry a thing from when I’m in the water. I lost my glasses in the process but fuck it. I’m still heading on with my trip and making friends along the way.


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