Joharizm Journeys Day 2

Last night I went to the beach cause my phone went dead and I wanted to smoke a cigarette. There I met Bakri, the guy who tried to help me find my glasses and Gan the guy who was traveling alone and from KL as well. Small world. Gan is a TV producer. Does documentaries and such. So we chatted about work and travelling alone. I since it was easy to talk to him I told him my problems. He told me I think too much and I’m suppose to have the time of my life with this vacation. It’s easier said then done but I will do as he says cause I need this and I want this. The night was filled with laughter and story telling. Ended the night with a good note.

Woke up in the morning and I thought that the previous day was all just a dream but it wasn’t. I’m really here and I really miss home. But I sucked it up and moved on with my journey. I went back to the ferry and there I met two family. One was the Ashrafs, from Penang who offered me to stay with them once I reached there but I had to decline cause our dates of travelling wasn’t right. And there was the Niks, the family who offer me to hang out with them in Taiping but I missed the exit to Taiping.

My first pitstop of the day was Kellie’s Castle. It was the most photogenic building I ever laid my lenses on but it was hot. The old house was without a roof and the sunlight hits directly on top of my head and sweat came dripping down.

My next stop is Penang. So on the ride to Penang I was going shirtless until the bridge. But once I reached there all I could think about was how much I miss being here. The people, the food, the buildings, the drive and the beach. I love Penang. It’s my home away from home and my first stop here was the beach. As I step foot on the beach all the good memories I had with my friends, family and ex. I have so much memory of this place. I bummed around the beach for hours, not knowing time flew. But as soon as the sun went down I thought to myself, where am I staying tonight.

Off I go to search the cheapest motel or backpackers inn. Now I’m bunking in Peach Hostel where I made two other friends, Oli and Max. Ones from London and the other Germany. They didn’t know where to go, so I helped them with thier journey and so they helped mine. They just made it more livelier than it already is. They plan to come to KL and hopefully I can bring them around town once they reach there.

So I decided before I go to sleep let’s check out this area. So I had a walk and start noticing there are a lot of bars and cafes. So is top by one of the cafe with a friggin pterodactyl on the ceiling. Coffee was meh. But ambience was nice. But since I’m alone I don’t want to hang there too long. So I walk a lil more. And found two cafes that I will stop by tomorrow. A cat cafe and a camera theme cafe. Why not. So I found out what I want to do before I head out tomorrow. But tomorrow is a different day. Let’s just take this a day at the time.


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