Happy Suppose Anniversary 

Today is suppose to be the third year. I’m not writing cause I’m  sad or dwelling about what might and could’ve happened. I’m writing cause I’m happy where I am now. Not the happiest I could but happy enough to laugh at life. 

Today is a mark of life where I know I could be happy in anyway possible. I know I have my short-comings, but in everyway it makes me who I am today. Thankful for maturing into someone more responsible and respected by mankind. Thankful I’ve learn to channel my deep dark thoughts into music and writing. And thankful for the experience I gained and knowledge I’m sharing. 

Today is good. Tomorrow is even better cause tomorrow is cloudy and mysterious. Every risk and opportunity I’m taking. The journey I’ve set to have and the people I’ll meet. 

Today is for me and anyone who I hold dearly. Today will be for everyone to feel happy and loved. Cause I love all of you and I’ll be there for you, like I would. 


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