What keeps me going on a daily basis is music. “I do just fine, with my car and my guitar.” I got tired and wanted it to be over with. So I became a loner.  I stopped complaining about what happened cause no one wants to listen. So I listen to their problems instead. That soothes me. Like music. Having to listen about other love stories and life tragedies really makes me a better person. Cause I help them. I care for others instead of them taking care of me. That’s how I tick. No matter who ever. Strangers. Dates. Allies. Or threats. Some things will never change.

Music on the other hand really defines me. I could go on for hours making the right mix tape for myself, which makes me happy. Born with a family of talented musicians and know you are the black sheep that is kinda tone deaf at that level, really made me push music to the side and concentrate on my movies. Now after years of not touching this subject matter made me realize how much I still love music. Let it be new, old, mainstream or underground, no one can hold a bat when it comes to my vast love to any era or genre of music. Cause when I’m in my lowest low, the only thing that helps is music.

A musician at heart but a film guy through passion. I love them both dearly. Never tell me what I’m listening to is crap or my movie taste is square. It’s a sensitive issue when I go to that. I will fight you if you go against me on this two topics. This is why my first project would be a short that incorporates history of music. I’m ready to man up and fight for it.


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