Take Care

I can no longer take care of her. It’s your turn to be there for her when she needs you. It does not mean I do not love her anymore but now you are the one that is suppose to make her laugh and smile each and every single day until it’s your turn to depart. Intrest her and be interesting. Listen to her even if it gets repetitive or gloomy. Be there when she is at her weakest and lift her spirits up like I use to do. Love her every second and don’t make her sad or cry. Love her strengths and ignore her weakness. Be strong for her and carry her home. Cause now I’m no longer home. You are home now.

Don’t you worry about me. I’ll keep wandering off to the sunset like the cowboy I am. I’ll just be her best of memories and a distant past cause I cannot unlove her but I have let go again another lover of life. As I, the wanderer set myself aside for other’s happiness while I go in search for a person I can call home once more.


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