We fear of living the rest of our lives alone, but little do we know we have always been and will always be alone. We are our own individuals with our own sets of goals and dreams. We can’t go about asking the love of our lives “Hey I love you, could we stay together forever and live as conjoint twins”. Yes there is the love factor, where it ends up in marriage and living happily ever after. Spoiler alert, we humans die and our loved ones leave us for something greater. Whether it be for another person or death itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being spiteful and/or grudgy. I think I’m sane enough to know the truth and truth is that our loved ones leave and we are disappointed, sad and later on numb but a few days, months, years later we forget and replace that person. Rinse and rinse and repeat. That how human bonds go. We aren’t accustom to loyalty. We want better things in life and never settle for what we have.

Is there such thing as love? I say yes, but love is always momentarily. I have 6 ex-girlfriends and counting, 3 ex-best friends and counting, 2 mother figures, 2 father figures, and countless heroes and idols. I’ve move on to better and better people when I see fit. Replace your best friends for your lover to replacing your lover for new friends, anything that makes you happier. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes life just has it ways to tell me that the relationship between me and the other person is over. Makes me sound like a jerk. So sue me.

You assume I’m like an unloved monster but I’m not. I’ve sacrifice for people who no longer in my life. My blood, sweat and tears isn’t recognize at anyone’s mind and heart anymore because I am replaced. Every girlfriend I’ve had so far was told that no matter what, we weren’t meant to stay together forever. Whether it be death or the end of the relationship as much I don’t want those two to happen. And it did happen, not the death part but the breakup. I was being real.

But I want to thank everyone that left me. I’m a better me thanks to you leaving me. You made me see how selfish a person can be. Without you, I won’t be able to laugh at the thought of death and depression. Showing me that I’m bound for greater things without you pulling me down and eventually having better people in life till death. You are the soul purpose that drives me crazy enough to think I can achieve a lot more than a normal man could. And thank you for indirectly telling me, 1 Is a very lonely number but can be the strongest number of them all.

I’ll be looking out for number 1 and that’s me.


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