Thank you

This was my speech on the last day of class before we graduated from Pinewoods/Imagica.

“What can I say about Suzy Chambre’ Sternlicht?
Apart from being the voice of reason to Mark and James, she’s our mentor in the world of editing. She is also our friend that we share our jokes and stories with. I don’t know about you guys but she is our home away from home and as well as our foster mother. When she took care of Neesha when she was sick, brought us treats for us even during day one and celebrating Sally birthday was the icing on a wonderful 2 months baked cake.

Suzy taught us a lot but it’s not only Suzy that I learn from. We managed to learn from each other like how Neesha sees how the beautiful the world is, how small little Chien Yee wants to devour the earth instead. How Syuqri ignite the fire in my competitive streak and how Prem and I can agree to disagree on how mad max is the same movie as lord of the rings. Mostly Saidi, the event organiser and the one that created our very own website, where I see that we will still keep in touch with each other. Thank you each and every one of you.

We have grown together so much for the past 2 months that we’ve became more than friends, we became family. And from seeing everyone’s work with the documentary and more you all have developed to become full fledge editors. I hope that we don’t just hang out but work together soon. ”

All of you are the best. Keep doing what you’re doing and sooner or later your dreams will come true.


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