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As he puts a ring on her finger with her beaming smile, he asked her. “I just have one more thing I need to do later at home.” She nods her head in approval and hugs him after.

A little girl lying down on the sofa watching TV as a car light slowly brush across her face. The couple walks in and the little girl greeted them with a hug. The man picked her up and told her “Hey Mindy, I have something to tell you.”. He carries her and sits her down on the couch while the woman stands across to observe this scene. He kneels down to her level and mentioned “So, she said yes.” while the little girl excited about the outcome.

He smiles at her and says. “But we’re missing something.” as he reaches in his pocket for a small ring with its case. “Would you Mindy, be my daughter for the rest of our lives?” with Mindy’s face blushes as she looks to her mother’s smiling gesture. She smiles back at him and says “Yes.”. He slips on the ring to her little fingers and hugs him in delight as the mother joins in the moment.



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Let’s backtrack for a second. Where was I 5 years ago? What did I want to become 5 years ago? Did I achieve what I wanted?

I guess I did better than what I expect it to be. The oldest friend I had mention that he admires my resilience in my art cause no one dares to do what I do. I wanted to direct and still want to. I could say that I’m ready to direct as most are invested with my ideas, the vision I made. 5 years ago all I could wish for is to make something of myself. Wether it’s someones lover, an icon, a friend, or a family man. But I became something I never thought existed. I was still myself. Not a sheep and gave up to normalities of life. No longer shy and afraid of the darkness of the road. I became an individual who can speak his mind and fight for what I think is right.

Staying true to yourself isn’t that hard but to prove to people that you are good enough to make it is the real cherry on top.


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As I enter an abandoned house, I heard a girl weeping. In the pitch black halls, I walk towards the cry and in the corner of a room I see a girl in the corner. This girl is not familiar and she was undressed, dirty and just facing the corner in a sitting position. I went to the to comfort her telling her every thing is fine and I will find help. She start puking written pages. The pages were worn down and old. I woke up to the weirdest dream of my life. Unexplained but still trying my hardest to decipher this.

Well it’s actually stealing someones ideas and make something better out of it or at least sharing their stories with the world. Well I’m in the midst of making short films for the next 5 years and I’ve been collecting peoples life story. From love stories to life experiences. Mental breakdowns are my forte because I have one too. Just that this dream is kinda weird that it’s happening to someone else. Maybe I’m here to help the rest of the world to think on a positive note, as my first short will be about my own life experience but ending it with a positive side of suicidal tendencies. It’s hard to accept that I have this demented part of me and in hopes I get to lock this part of my life in a shoe box full of unwanted memories, but it’s high time to accept it and share it with the world and confront my fears.

It’s now or never. Time to write my script and in hopes that the demons pass away.


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What keeps me going on a daily basis is music. “I do just fine, with my car and my guitar.” I got tired and wanted it to be over with. So I became a loner.  I stopped complaining about what happened cause no one wants to listen. So I listen to their problems instead. That soothes me. Like music. Having to listen about other love stories and life tragedies really makes me a better person. Cause I help them. I care for others instead of them taking care of me. That’s how I tick. No matter who ever. Strangers. Dates. Allies. Or threats. Some things will never change.

Music on the other hand really defines me. I could go on for hours making the right mix tape for myself, which makes me happy. Born with a family of talented musicians and know you are the black sheep that is kinda tone deaf at that level, really made me push music to the side and concentrate on my movies. Now after years of not touching this subject matter made me realize how much I still love music. Let it be new, old, mainstream or underground, no one can hold a bat when it comes to my vast love to any era or genre of music. Cause when I’m in my lowest low, the only thing that helps is music.

A musician at heart but a film guy through passion. I love them both dearly. Never tell me what I’m listening to is crap or my movie taste is square. It’s a sensitive issue when I go to that. I will fight you if you go against me on this two topics. This is why my first project would be a short that incorporates history of music. I’m ready to man up and fight for it.

Cuak the Movie : Review

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It was my first premier to a movie and Tony Pietra, one of five directors who invited me, in which i turned down so many times because I am an unknown in this industry and I as one person believe makes a difference in their gross sales to help a friend. Even as an independent movie, my girlfriend said things like “this opportunity doesn’t come often”. So i took the offer after I took the job to edit and help Tony on the music video for the movie. So Tony Peitra is a dear close friend of mine, but that doesn’t mean I’m biased about the movie.

Cuak is a very honest film and took a punch to my gut from just some of the dialogue by the actors. Adam played by Ghafir Akbar and Brenda played Dawn Cheong sold to me as a couple. They we’re exceptionally great during Shamaine Othman’s segment (The Couple). The way the argue over the simplest things to their beliefs and disbelief reminded me of my own relationship and during the segment I couldn’t help but to look over my shoulder to look and my girlfriend and relate it into our relationship. Even so alot of reviewers are going about Tony’s segment (Issues) is the fish out of water of the film, I have to admit it deserve to be stand alone. The neo-noir themed segment was beautifully shot and some of the lighting is just breathtaking for an independent film. Dawn was also very well showcased in this compared to the other 3 segments (minus Shamaine’s The Couple).

Cinematography of the other segments didn’t awe me as much as Issues did but they were strong nonetheless.  Lim Benji’s “Break Up” is a found footage sort of segment where I cringed a little about the cinematography. As realistically thinking, who in the world would still record himself going through break up, but Ghafir and Ani Juliana Ibrahim (Adam’s Ex) made up for it as they pull rabbits out their hats with believable fights with one another and again reflecting myself during an immature line by Ghafir.

This is coming from a fan boy of “Ciplak” which Khairil M Bahar directed. I like his comedy writing in his segment “Bachelor Party” and also love Manesh Nesaratnam’s “In Laws”. The way Khai puts his comedy subtly with Adam having the cold feet or “cuak” with commitment issues and being afraid of changes. Manesh’s segment was the over the top and funniest which had me rolling around my feet during some scenes.

With five different directors could sounds like chaos or it could be “Cuak”. It was well done with such a talented cast and writers. There was a few hiccups here and there but due to the duration of the film for five directors I would understand. Imagine giving 2 hours each for every director of this film, they will do wonders and make our film industry proud. I highly recommend this film for every one to see at least once. It’s as good as “Sepet” without the controversy but not as good as “Ciplak” and now I’m biased

Johariz M.Sani

Life is a Movie

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When I was a teenager, I had a dull and uninteresting life. I was never proud of who I was. Just a teen geek who loves videogames and old movies. So one day I wish my life would be different. Exciting. A Roller Coaster if you will. Oh boy I was wrong.

So my life started after secondary school, where i met a bunch of friends that i kept hold till today. Most of us are from different schools. Kinda like an outcast from our previous group of friends. We promise to meet up at them mall after our final exams, or SPM. (look it up.) And when i got mine it was good and it wasn’t good at all. Shahz, one of my friends called me and ask what did i get. I hanged up on him and the funny thing was he was out of credit right after(Still sorry dude.). At the end i went to the mall to sorta celebrate our results with a frown on me. To my attention, everyone’s grade was up to their standards even and my mum explained that i was dyslexic and won’t tell me till the day comes cause she didn’t want me to make an excuse for my studies.

So I was left without the option to go to college as my parents were really disappointed with me. I kinda manned up at the time and got myself a job as a waiter at a new italian restaurant. I paid my dues with my parents and learn life long lessons with the job for a year. Learning to be street smart and gaining more friends in the process. The most unforgettable memory I had there was when one night i was about to leave from work, a work friend told me to follow him as he didn’t tell me what is going on. We were all of a sudden jumped by two guys and two girls who are also working with us. The two guys beat him up while i tried to break up the fight, the two guys explained that my friend was spreading rumours about the two girls and the two guys were their boyfriends but i still tried to play hero and not let them continue the beat down. They warned the guy to stop running his mouth and left.I stayed by him till he got a ride home. The following day my friend quit his job and I would not see him again. This incident taught me that not matter  who ever does a bad deed, I would stay right there besides him/her when they are in trouble.

So a half a year has passed, I enrolled myself in college as a multimedia student. woop de do. At my first semester i flunked some of my subjects, in which my parents lost their trust in me again but to be honest i was not coping well with the course . I worked at the same restaurant for another six months and paid off my student loan to get my ass back to school but this time as a Film Student. Oh my, i just found myself of what want to do for the rest of my life. What is not to love. Acting, Shooting, Editing, and showing your goods. But in the mean time I would have a crash course of how ugly life would be. I lost my longest and best-est friend/guitarist due to clashing egos (Rizal you are still a brother at arms), our band was disband right after. My parents went through a divorce. Which i don’t think it affects me a lot (but my sister begs to differ). And my ex and i had a rough time with our ups and downs and the different worlds we live in. But thanks to her i wouldn’t be as patient i would ever be. When all is wrong in life, I would always fall on my biggest love, that would be my movies. When all else fails your true love would always be there for you. That’s what my future was to me. My movies is my permanent lover.

School is done, so it’s time to find a job. So i went to the first real job I ever had as an Assistant Producer at the place i joined when i was interning for free. I worked my socks off for the job as i was a free lancer at that moment but due to the owner of the production house was testing my patients with critical remarks and underpaid wages, i quit that job. So i moved on as i promised myself not to lose my focus of where i would wanna be. I work in the Casting Department as a free lancer again for 4 commercials, and the 4 best jobs i have ever handle at the moment. Casted over 100 kids for two of commercials and over 50 hot actresses for another. But i was not prepare what comes after, I was in a slump as they are paying me really late then expected. So i had to find a day job, where i did with my dad as an Animator, and animation is never my strong point but the work ethics and time constrain are really getting to me. I couldn’t take it as well when i feel this is not what i’m suppose to do.One Day I went to a job interview as an Editor. The Chief Editor who was interviewing me ask if i have ever edited (apart from school stuff..Nope?), but he really likes me for a reason i would still never understood till today(maybe cause I’m honest.) and gave me the job straight away. I left the animation job and went right back on track to where i want to be, where i love, and still holding on to this job for 2 years now and happier than ever. The crap people put me into, belittle me, push me down, and punch me in the face, i’ll stand right back up and fight back when it comes to my love. As i would never give this up and would never turn my back to my destiny and talents.

A year has past as an editor. I have found the woman of my dreams. The most caring, selfless, innocent, beautiful and smartest person i have ever met, who supports of what i do for a living and helps me chase my dreams. She Just brings the best out of me. Pushing me to the limit to make my own team of team of three called Black Frames to shoot shortfilms and sketches. The best part of the year was the luck that i have been having. I own a Camera, an iMac and a Laptop with her help. She just is there for me and always supports me in what ever i do even with a bad start we had, but she still proves me that there is no one like her in this world that fits my jigsaw puzzle piece.  And a year after, we are still together and in love like the first time we said our “i love yous”.  Hoping for a better future for the both of us and our dreams of being the best ever Movie Maker and Doctor duo. As we will live happily ever after.

Life gives you lemons, you make lemonades. That’s what i have been living with for the past 25 years. I’m not a well off guy with parents that gives me everything i want, but the total opposite of it. I was squashed and trampled on multiple times, but I still stand tall of who I am. I’m an honest guy, who is not scared to dream big and push myself to my limits for what i believe in. I’m a World Conquerer and I’m not afraid of anything.

Johariz M. Sani