Let’s backtrack for a second. Where was I 5 years ago? What did I want to become 5 years ago? Did I achieve what I wanted?

I guess I did better than what I expect it to be. The oldest friend I had mention that he admires my resilience in my art cause no one dares to do what I do. I wanted to direct and still want to. I could say that I’m ready to direct as most are invested with my ideas, the vision I made. 5 years ago all I could wish for is to make something of myself. Wether it’s someones lover, an icon, a friend, or a family man. But I became something I never thought existed. I was still myself. Not a sheep and gave up to normalities of life. No longer shy and afraid of the darkness of the road. I became an individual who can speak his mind and fight for what I think is right.

Staying true to yourself isn’t that hard but to prove to people that you are good enough to make it is the real cherry on top.


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